Saturday, August 17, 2013


     Usually Josh and I are the ones surprising Savannah with special trips, but this week our sweet Savannah surprised us!  My friend Lindsey and I share the same high risk doctor, but our appointments don't usually line up.  However, we found out that this week Savannah and Sophie must have worked it out ahead of time because we actually had our appointments on the same day and only about a half hour apart.  The girls must have really wanted to see each other! :)

     As we have mentioned in our previous blog posts, we like to take Savannah to do something fun after each of our high risk appointments.  This time Kevin, Lindsey, and baby Sophie took us to one of their favorite restaurants, The Briarpatch, for brunch.  We enjoyed the great food and the opportunity to catch up with one another. We always treasure the times that Savannah and Sophie can get together and make new memories.  That day we made a memory that will forever hold a special place in our hearts... we made wishes! While walking around the shops after brunch we found a courtyard with a beautiful fountain, and decided that it was perfect to make a wish. Although we cannot tell our wishes, we are certain that we serve a God who is present in all moments and he heard all of the silent desires of our hearts.

     One of my favorite memories from when I was a little girl, was having a Mommy Daughter day.  My mom would plan a day filled with all things girl!  We would do our hair, get pedicures, go to my favorite ice cream shop, or even just walk around the mall.  I hold those memories very close to my heart, and I knew that I wanted to do the same with Savannah.  

     We started the day by going to the hair salon, where Mommy got a much needed haircut, and Savannah got to feel like a princess drinking water that had all sorts of pretty fruit floating around in it.  Next we headed to the nail salon, where Savannah and I shared our first pedicure as Mommy and Daughter.  She even helped me pick out my nail polish by giving me a little kick when I had just the right color in my hand.  She chose "Hot and Spicy" by OPI.  We ended our Mommy Daughter day with a trip to Starbucks.  Mommy ordered a vanilla bean frappuccino, and the barista was kind enough to give Savannah some too!  I sat with my hand on my belly, and enjoyed feeling every one of Savannah's strong sugar kicks.  I will never forget this day or these moments.  The bond between a mother and daughter is irreplaceable, one that is precious, and one that is forever. Savannah has already blessed me in so many ways, but the biggest blessing is having her as a daughter, and knowing that no matter what I am her Mommy. <3

     One of the unexpected things that we got to do this week was to go and visit Kennedy Space Center.  One of the little boys that I nanny for was attending space camp this week, and my boss blessed us with two day passes to attend his graduation.  The passes were good for the rest of the day and allowed us a lot of time to explore the visitor complex. 

     We were able to see Space Shuttle Atlantis, visit the rocket garden, and even eat astronaut ice cream!  A big thank you to the whole Gibson family for making Savannah's Space Day an awesome success! 

Josh used his amazing photoshop skills to combine two pictures we took, that way Savannah could be in the middle! :)
Can you see the bump? :)

     We ended this week with one of the hardest things that we have had to do on this journey so far; we toured the hospital where we will meet our sweet Savannah when the time comes.  We were extremely nervous walking in and not knowing what to expect, but were greeted with open arms, smiles, and an overwhelming sense of comfort.  All of the nurses on the delivery floor already knew about Savannah,  and they did everything they could to let us know that we are all 3 in great hands.  

     After touring the hospital we went to lunch with Luanne. Luanne used to be a delivery nurse, and has now offered to be our labor coach. She has been an angel through this journey;  answering all of my first time mom questions, coming over for lunch just to talk, and helping us make special memories with Savannah.  At lunch she gave us the sweetest bag of gifts filled with books for us to read to Savannah, as well as the cutest stuffed hippo.

     After lunch Josh needed to run to the bookstore, and as we were walking in they announced that story time was just about to begin! Savannah kicked for joy as we sat down to hear all about "Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy".  

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  1. Rebecca and Josh... love following you all... went and saw Flaye and your mom this week.. took them new flowers and a stone with wonderful words.... your mom is so proud of you and all your accomplishments... your amazing wife and mother... hugs to all.
    lisa slocum stansbury..

  2. rebecca sorry it came up Lely Concession... Andrah is at Lely now and that is the account it came up on...LOL

  3. I love reading each post and continue to pray for the both of you...

  4. What a special day with your daughter. Praying God's peace and loving presence for you.

  5. We are praying everyday for Savannah and cannot tell you how heartwarming It is to see what wonderful parents you will be. God is great!

  6. I'm here after reading your story on "Home by Ally"s blog. I will be praying for your sweet family. God couldn't have picked sweeter more special parents for your sweet Savannah! I love all of the experiences you are sharing with your precious daughter. Making wonderful memories to last a lifetime! God bless. You are definitely an inspiration to me!

  7. Read your story on Home By Ally. I love your story... I'm over here bawling!! You and your husband are incredibly brave and it warms my heart to see what you are doing with your little bundle of joy! I'm so proud that y'all are celebrating her life even before she is born, when some people think that it is not a child yet! Praying for y'all. For your strength and your wisdom. God will be with you through this... and miracles CAN happen!