The List

     Once we decided to celebrate the time we have with Savannah, we started making a list of things we think are important for our little girl to experience.  We've set the ambitious goal of 100 separate memories we'd like to make. We need some help filling in the blanks, so feel free to comment with any suggestions!

Click on the link next to a crossed-out memory to read about the fun we had with Savannah!

  1. Feed the Birds - Read about it!
  2. Get a Pedicure - Read about it!
  3. Learn About Jesus
  4. Ice Cream Social - Read about it!
  5. Meet Mickey & Minnie - Read about it!
  6. Have a Picnic Read about it!
  7. Go to the Park
  8. Eat BBQ Read about it!
  9. Collect Seashells Read about it!
  10. Watch the Fireworks Read about it!
  11. Hold a Sparkler
  12. Make a Fort - Read about it!
  13. Go Shopping
  14. Play Dress Up - Read about it!
  15. Make Jewelry
  16. Read Bedtime Stories Read about it!
  17. Sing a Lullaby - Read about it!
  18. Eat at Red Robin... YUM! Read about it!
  19. Go to a Baseball Game Read about it!
  20. Write Our Names in the Sand
  21. Florida Snowball Fight - Read about it!
  22. Coffee with Karen - Read about it!
  23. Watch a Marco Sunset Read about it!
  24. Build a Sandcastle Read about it!
  25. Play in the Rain & Jump in the Puddles
  26. Watch Star Wars
  27. Watch the Sunrise
  28. Cruise/Boat Trip - Read about it!
  29. Trip to the Beach Read about it!
  30. Daddy-Daughter Date Read about it!
  31. Meet a Princess - Read about it!
  32. Plant a Garden - Read about it!
  33. Go to the Zoo Read about it!
  34. Putt-Putt Golf - Read about it!
  35. Family Night Movie Night Pizza Night Read about it!
  36. Go Swimming at the Pool
  37. Dance with Daddy - Read about it!
  38. Dance with Mommy - Read about it!
  39. Kisses from Grandpas - Read about it!
  40. See a Castle - Read about it!
  41. Eat Frozen Yogurt
  42. Build a Bear
  43. Fly a Kite
  44. Go to the Movies - Read about it!
  45. Roast Marshmallows 
  46. Have a Slumber Party
  47. Hear the Symphony - Read about it!
  48. Go to Rainforest Café - Read about it!
  49. Watch Dad & Mom's Favorite Kid Movies - Read about it!
  50. Have a Tea Party 
  51. Finger Paint
  52. Go to Story Time - Read about it!
  53. Take a Trip to Disney - Read about it!
  54. Draw with Chalk
  55. Go Bowling - Read about it!
  56. Blow Bubbles
  57. Family Bike Ride - Read about it!
  58. Paint Pottery
  59. Have a Family Photo shoot Read about it!
  60. Have a Ghirardelli Dessert Read about it!
  61. Visit a Garden Read about it!
  62. Go to Starbucks with Mommy - Read about it!
  63. Visit a Lighthouse - Read about it!
  64. Have Dessert at the Melting Pot - Read about it!
  65. Make a Secret Family Recipe Read about it!
  66. Make/Decorate Cookies
  67. Take a Trip to Savannah - Read about it!
  68. Decorate a Bird House
  69. Do a Puzzle
  70. Pick Flowers - Read about it!
  71. Visit SeaWorld - Read about it!
  72. Watch Cartoons
  73. Ride a Train Read about it!
  74. Drink Hot Cocoa
  75. Go on a Scavenger Hunt - Read about it!
  76. Make Shadow Puppets 
  77. Play Board Games 
  78. Eat a Happy Meal - Read about it!
  79. Go to the Circus - Read about it!
  80. Visit a Candy Store - Read about it!
  81. Movie in the Park - Read about it!
  82. Perform a Science Experiment 
  83. Make a Wish in a Fountain - Read about it!
  84. Celebrate Christmas - Read about it!
  85. Halloween Fun
  86. Celebrate Easter
  87. Valentines Day Fun
  88. Thanksgiving Feast
  89. Bake a Cake - Read about it!
  90. Build a Lego Set
  91. Go See a Space Ship - Read about it!
  92. Go on a Family Walk
  93. Play with Play-Doh
  94. Watch a Rocket Launch - Read about it!
  95. Be Dedicated
  96. Experience an Exotic Land
  97. Breakfast in Bed
  98. Lunch, Grandma Wyndy Style
  99. Have a Surprise Party
  100. Kisses from Daddy & Mommy


  1. Traditional Florida Snowball Fight :)

  2. a trip to the zoo and of course a petting zoo as well!...either a two for one adventure there or two separate, depending on the zoo.
    see Shakespeare (one of his plays of course!) the first one I ever read was Midsummer Night's Dream and it's what made me fall in love with language and all the arts; it's magic made me giddy with gladness so I hope sweet Savannah gets to hear some of it and jumps for joy as well!

  3. How about adding in reading a really good children's book, Goodnight Moon, The Velveteen Rabbit, or a Dr. Seuss something? That was my favorite time -- reading to my son. So maybe a good read together should be on your 100 list?

    BTW, I read about your family's journey today on Jane Kirkpatrick's newsletter. My husband and I are believers in the power of prayer. So we've added the three of you to our morning prayer list. We also believe in miracles so we're praying for one!

  4. Love this list!! How about a trip to the American Girl Store? When I was 9, I saved up for a whole year to buy an American Girl Doll. My mom made me a dress to match my doll's, and I went to an American Girl tea party. It was one of the happiest days of my childhood, hands down!
    Another idea is to take her to hear a real symphony orchestra, if you haven't done so already. I think she would do lots of wiggling! :)

  5. Oh sorry, I didn't see that she's already been to the symphony! Well, all I have to say is that her parents have good taste! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Girls night with Grandma was the Slumber Party :)