Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Little Firecracker

     We'd like to start this post off with a big "Thank You" to everyone!  The care packages, cards, and prayers have all blessed us right when we needed them most!  We do have a few new prayer requests: 
  • Savannah's belly is measuring a bit small, and while it's not an issue now, if she continues to measure small it would be something to worry about.
  • I have my glucose test on Friday, please pray that all goes well. (We don't want to have to go back for the 3 hour version!)
  • Please continue to pray for Daddy and Mommy's strength as parts of this journey get tougher and tougher.
  • And finally, please pray that God would help us get everything in order as we prepare for the birth of our Sweet Savannah.

•   •   •

     We started this week off with our first family trip to the zoo! This trip was extra special because, even though we live only five minutes away from the zoo, Josh and I have NEVER gone together! We set off to have another first with Savannah.  

     We got to see the giraffes up close, and Savannah even got to feed them a wheat cracker. Savannah also got to feed the birds, and pet some pygmy goats! Right after lunch we took Savannah on the little train that circles the zoo.

     There were so many beautiful animals, too many to list, but some of Savannah's favorites were the tamarin monkeys, turtles, and ostriches.  Daddy's favorite was the anteater. He said it looked like a walking mullet, "Business up front, party in the back!"... He is too funny!  My favorite was Errol the owl, he has the sweetest face! I just wish I could take him home. 

     We ended up getting poured on at the end of our trip, but we weren't too wet to stop in the gift shop.  We found a sticker that was just perfect for our sweet little girl. 

     This week we also celebrated Independence Day! Daddy came home with two patriotic bouquets; one for Mommy, and one for Savannah! 

     Every year our local riverfront park puts on a concert and fireworks show, and this year we decided to come early and enjoy a picnic dinner before the show started.  We enjoyed Savannah's first picnic with sub sandwiches, fruit, and a very patriotic dessert! 

     We played mancala and listened to the orchestra as we waited for the fireworks to go off.  Savannah must have either been really scared or loved the fireworks because she was wiggling all over the place.  This was one of the tougher celebrations for Josh and I. We found ourselves thinking about the future and the possibility that this was the only time that Savannah would ever experience this event.  All the while feeling blessed that we were able to spend 4th of July with our little firecracker! 

     Josh surprised Savannah (and me) when he told us to get ready for our first Daddy Daughter Date.  He had a whole night planned out that was full of surprises. The first surprise of the night was bowling! Daddy barely beat Savannah the first round, but then completely lost the second game. Savannah loved cheering Daddy on with lots of kicks!  

     After working up our appetite, Josh took us to Carrabba's. Savannah was going to order off of the kids menu, but that wouldn't be quite enough for me.  After dinner Daddy had a special surprise in store when he took us to Redberry Frozen Yogurt. Savannah topped her froyo with caramel sauce and lots of rainbow sprinkles.

     While sitting at the little table, Josh pulled out a present for his baby girl. (Mommy helped Savannah open it) Wrapped in green and pink tissue paper was a special little book, "Vader's Little Princess".  Daddy even wrote something special to Savannah on the inside cover. 

     The last surprise of the night was a walk over to the movie theatre to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D! Savannah loved the movie and was moving the whole time. We finished the night with Daddy tucking Savannah in, giving her lots of kisses, and reading her new book to her. 

"Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart"
Psalm 27:14

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Smile So Sweet

     Week 25 had a very tasty start, we made a secret family recipe called avgolemono: a delicious Greek chicken, rice & lemon soup. The recipe comes from Savannah's Great-Great-Grandmother and has been passed down, generation to generation. It is a long process to make, but it is well worth it in the end!

     This was also the week that we were due back at the high risk doctor in Orlando. We look forward to these visits only because we get to see our baby girl! They did a full scan and 4D ultrasound, Savannah is growing right on track but still has those long legs like Mommy! Our sweet girl blessed us with a precious moment when she smiled for us on the ultrasound. A smile so sweet it makes your heart melt <3

     After each appointment in Orlando, we try to plan something fun to do with Savannah. This week, we decided to explore the beautiful Leu Gardens. We had a great time, despite the heat. Some of our favorite things there were the massive stalks of bamboo, sitting by the lake, and watching all of the butterflies in the open-air butterfly garden. Savannah even took the time to stop and smell the roses.

     Another special someone decided to celebrate Savannah, our big-boy cat, Dewey!  He wanted to snuggle and feel Savannah kick :)

     We finished off the week with a trip to Downtown Disney! We took Savannah to Rainforest CafĂ© for dinner, where we sat in front of a group of gorillas who got rowdy each time a thunderstorm came through the rainforest. Savannah enjoyed watching the rain and seeing all of the animals.  After dinner, we played around in the gift shop, trying on silly animal hats (Savannah loved the panda!) and even took some pictures in the photo booth.

     We waked through Downtown Disney and stopped in some of the toy stores on the way. We will never forget what happened next... We saw a character statue and knew that Savannah had to have a picture with him!  I went and stood next to him, showing off Savannah. Once Josh took the picture, I turned to say thank you, quickly realizing that he had crouched down and was pointing at my belly the whole time! 

To say I was shocked would be an understatement!

     We finished off the night with something sweet: Dessert at Ghirardelli! This has always been Mommy and Daddy's favorite place for dessert or hot chocolate when we're in the area. Daddy got a scoop of cookies 'n' cream ice cream and Mommy shared a chocolate malt with Savannah! We think she liked it, she was up all night movin' and groovin'! (Maybe chocolate so close to bed time was a bad idea ;) )

     We are very blessed to be able to make such special memories with Savannah.  Please pray that as we get closer to her birthday, we would continue to have the strength to find joy in the journey.  We have been experiencing tougher days lately, and we know that we still have some big battles to face.  We are not alone in this though, and that is what we constantly need to be reminded of.  We appreciate all of your love, support, and prayers.  

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6