Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daddy & Desserts

     "There is truly nothing sweeter than a Daddy's love!" <3

     Throughout this entire pregnancy the only things I have really been craving are fruit and juice.  I cannot seem to get enough juice!! This week we decided to take Savannah to Planet Smoothie, and introduce her to the best smoothies around.  Cocoa-banana for me, a screamsicle for Josh, and Savannah had a little of both.

     This week was a test of patience for Josh and I as we waited to find out if he had made Staff Sergeant.  Josh was scheduled to test the day after we found out about Savannah's condition, and I can only imagine all of the thoughts that were racing through his head as he set his mind on passing this year.  We eagerly awaited the results, and I will never forget the morning we found out that HE MADE IT!! Savannah wrote her daddy an email at work telling him just how proud she was of him, and how strong and courageous he was.  Later that week Savannah and I were able to celebrate Josh at his selection party. It was a special moment sitting with Savannah watching her daddy get tacked on.

     We celebrated Josh's huge accomplishment by going to the Melting Pot for cheese and chocolate! We were so excited when we found out that one of our close friends, Kathy, was working that night. She helped to make Savannah's first Melting Pot experience one to remember!!  Savannah's favorite part was the s'mores melted chocolate.  She was definitely dancing as we walked out of the restaurant!

     At the beginning of week 31 we had an ultrasound appointment as well as special lunch date with Savannah's best friend Sophie and her parents!
     We cherish every ultrasound we have and we consider it our special time with Savannah.  She is always showing us something new. This week she had her legs crossed, and we love that Savannah is already acting like a little lady!!

Pink boxes = Savannah & Sophie's massive cupcakes!! YUM!

     This week was Josh's birthday, and in honor of him turning 24 Savannah decided to bake daddy a cake!! There was no way we could have done it without the help of two of Savannah (and Mommy's) favorite boys!  These are the two little men that I am blessed to spend my days with. We made some priceless memories as we cracked eggs, decorated cupcakes, made a mess of the kitchen, and celebrated Savannah and "Mr. Josh" :)

     We continued celebrating Josh's birthday with Kevin, Lindsey, and baby Sophie as we went out to dinner and then headed off for special front row seats at a Delta IV rocket launch!!  The launch was absolutely incredible and unlike anything the 6 of us had ever experienced.  Savannah kicked and rolled as the rocket lifted off!  We had a wonderful time, but no birthday celebration would be complete without cupcakes, candles, and a round of Happy Birthday!

•   •   •

**We will be talking about our trip to the circus on the next blog post**

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