Monday, July 1, 2013


     A blessing is a favor or gift given by God that brings happiness.  Josh and I are overwhelmed with love and wanted to share a little bit about a blessing that we received from Savannah's Aunt Sarah.  

     When we found out about Savannah's condition one of the first things we did was search the internet for a hat.  We knew that we wanted it to be simple and soft, but we also wanted it to be meaningful. Josh found one that was modeled after the hat that Jayne Cobb wore in Firefly, and immediately fell in love.  I remember him looking over at me and tearing up as he said, "I was thinking we could get her a hat like this".  

     While we were home visiting, Sarah had given us a surprise gift. There really are no words to describe the emotions that overcame Josh and I as we opened a pink butterfly box to find the most precious hat and blanket.  As we sat there running the edges of the blanket through our hands, and holding onto her hat, all we could think about is just how blessed we are, and how special this gift is for not only us, but for Savannah. Sarah also had a special moment in store for Josh as he celebrated his first Father's Day.  He opened a little gift bag and found the Jayne Cobb look-a-like hat that he had fallen in love with weeks earlier.  Sarah had crocheted it just for him and Savannah! 

     Sarah also captured some precious moments for us as we had our first family photo shoots. Josh and I enjoyed each second and made so many fun memories in the process.  We laid in wet grass, walked the beach during the middle of the day, and held some uncomfortable poses, but it was all worth it to capture these moments with Savannah.  
It meant so much to us to have Sarah photograph this time in our lives as a family of three.  She was so understanding through the process, and went above and beyond to get the perfect shot.  

     It was hard to narrow down the photos, but here are a few of our favorites!

To see more of Sarah's work, head over to

We were given not only a gift of love, but moments that we will forever cherish.  To say thank you would not even feel fitting, we have been blessed.



  1. AMAZING posts ... what a week filled with wonder. <3 I love you, Savannah! ~Grandma Michelle

  2. PS: LOVE the baby footprints ...