Monday, July 1, 2013

For the Love of Family

     Week 23 we packed up the car and made the 4 and a half hour drive down to south Florida to visit with our families.  Josh's sister was going to be in town from Texas and his littlest brother would be celebrating his birthday.  It was a very special week filled with moments that we will never forget!   

     Savannah and I were able to pick up Aunt Sarah from the airport with Grandma Michelle and Great Grandma Sue.  It was the first of many memorable moments when Sarah met sweet Savannah for the first time.  From there the 5 of us made an unexpected stop when I spotted Red Robin from across a shopping plaza and just had to have it! 

Savannah surprised Aunt Sarah at the airport

     We were very blessed to have time to just relax and visit while we were home.  Our favorite memory that week was when Aunt Sarah gave us a handmade gift for Savannah.  She had been hard at work crocheting a beautiful blanket and hat for our sweet girl.  Words can not express how much that gift meant to us.  Knowing all the time, energy, and love that went into it made it all the more special. 

     Aunt Sarah did not stop there though... She continued blessing us with three separate photo shoots throughout the week. We had so much fun making memories and having our first family photo shoot!

You can read more about the precious moments here.

     Savannah was not the only one being celebrated this week though.  Jonny was having his 12th birthday!  We loved being able to share his special day with him.  Savannah even had a surprise birthday present for her uncle... a kiss and a kick!

     Great Grandma Sue also got to feel one of Savannah's strong kicks. We captured this moment and it is one of my favorite memories and photos of the week. 

     Savannah was very active this week, partly because that is just who she is, and partly because I have a crazy craving for juice.  Josh and I loved laying in bed and just watching my belly move.  
Our friends Kevin, Lindsey, and baby Sophia bought us the Jesus Storybook Bible.  We now read it to Savannah as part of our nightly routine before we go to bed.  We love reading to our daughter and teaching her about Jesus.  

     Week 24 started with hard goodbyes, as we had to leave on Father's Day.  We had celebrated Father's Day the night before with Josh's family, and then took my dad out to breakfast the morning we left to head back home.  We bought each of our dads a gallery frame that held Savannah's ultrasound pictures, and gave it to them as they celebrated their first Grandfather's Day.

                                         My Dad and Brother, Cameron                          Two of my favorite Dads

Piling up to give Josh's dad hugs

     This day was very special for Josh as well; his first Father's Day!  His sister, Sarah, surprised him with another hat that she had made especially for him and our little girl.  She made it to look like the beanie Jayne Cobb wore in Firefly, one of Josh's favorite TV shows.  Josh's parents celebrated him with some new pjs.  I especially love the "Proud Dad of a Baby Girl" shirt! (I am pretty sure this is the only time Josh will wear pink)  

     Leaving home this time was extremely hard knowing how much fun we had, and how many memories were made.  We said our goodbyes, gave hugs and kisses, and headed back home for some surprises Savannah had in store for her daddy! Savannah celebrated daddy with Sushi for dinner, lots of kicks, and a very special coin that Mommy helped her order. Daddy was moved to tears, and made sure that Savannah got lots of thank you kisses.

     This week we also took Savannah out to Bonefish grill.  Daddy drew on the table cloth for her, and we took it home as a souvenir.  Next on the list was indoor glow in the dark mini golf!  We had a total blast experiencing something new to us as we celebrated Savannah.  We shared so many laughs, mostly because trying to pick up a golf ball with a very full and pregnant belly is not the easiest thing to do.  Daddy ended up beating Savannah and I with a final score of 61 to 56.  
     And then we finished the night with Josh reading Savannah "Guess How Much I Love You".

..."I love you right up to the moon and back" 

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